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MHR's Morning Glory

aka Lily

born: April 25th, 2010; piebald (black and white); est. height at maturity between 14.2 and 14.3 hh

Sold - Congratulations to Helene G. in Michigan
What a character! This beautiful little girl was born early Sunday morning on April 25th and I have to say she holds a special place in my heart. Her sire and dam are a perfect match (sire Rioghan is a multiple show winner). Lily will be a very hairy girl with a stout body, short back and apple butt, straight legs, a sweet head and laid back disposition. We are looking forward for her to mature into one of the most beautiful gypsy mares out there that would surely do well in the showring, at driving, be a great trail horse, or a therapy horse and of course would make a wonderful broodmare. She just loooves to cuddle and wouldn't mind doing it for hours if you let her. She is being trained to trailer, stand still for the farrier, cross tie etc and will be registered with the Gypsy Horse Registry of America.
As heavy as she might be as a mature proper looking Gypsy (Vanner) Horse, she will also be very lightfooted and possibly even walk the Slow Gait, an additional gait that gives you the feeling of sitting in a massage chair when trotting instead of bouncing up and down. ​
Chris Bartko (R.I.P.) from Black Forest Gypsy Horses, Colorado:
"Gaited gypsy horses (and shires) are not that uncommon, but most people just don't notice it!"

April 2011 - Upon arrival with her new owner

"My vet was out today and said she is absolutely amazing. She said she is a beautiful girl and was she ever prancing around! She couldn't say enough nice things about her. She is doing great now. Her and Misty (my shire mare) both graze together, and when my vet was giving shots to Misty and checking her out, Lily was right next to her sniffing her and Misty did not even react. She is a love bug, has wonderful manners, and is so sweet."

Helene G., Maryland

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