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              August 3, 2006, piebald (black and white)

Our Mary has outdone herself again with this beautiful, special little girl. After Abigail was born my vet told me that this is the prettiest foal she has seen that year and we certainly couldn't have asked for more. Abigail has big bones which she inherited from her father, a shire stallion named Donatello and he is just a mountain of bone, muscles and feather. I love Abigail's cute head, her unique markings and flashy striped mane, show ring legs and I have to mention her awesome trot as well. Abigail will make a wonderful show and dressage horse and I think that she will grow up to be as beautiful as her mom. At 1,5 years she is now 14.3 hands tall and should mature to at least 15.1hh.​

PS: On June '08 Abigail traveled to her new home in Philadelphia and has been doing great as a show horse with her new two legged best friend Sam who received Abigail as a gift on her 14th birtday.

June 2010 from Sam's mom:

"Sam just loves Abby! In Sam's eyes she can do nothing wrong, but honestly she has been perfect for her. She has never done anything stupid while Sam is on her back. She has not yet, bucked, kicked or took off. When Sam rides the thoroughbred in hunter shows, who is "alot of horse" I thank god for Abby and her temperment."

Abigail & Sam take all blues plus Champion title home

August 2010 from Sam's mom

HI Doro,

I hope all is well with you. I just wanted to give you a wonderful update on Miss Abigail. Our little girl is growing up.. :) Today she has made her "premiere" in the dressage arena and she took first place both times. Everyone absolutely LOVED her! She did amazing. Then Sam took her in the hunter ring and she took ALL blues and CHAMPION... Abby rocked at the show today. Attached is a picture of her and Sam with all their ribbons and the saddle pad they won.

I am so proud of her. Sam said Abby always tries her hardest for her. Thank you again for this wonderful girl. We absolutely love her!

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