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        2015 Puppies with their new Moms and Dads


Below you will find pictures of puppies that were sold in summer of 2015. Those pics were sent to us from their happy new Moms and Dads. Will keep publishing more over time as they mature. This will give you an idea as to how those puppies will look like as adult dogs.

All of those puppies are good breathers and absolutely gorgeous.



Please note that with Bulldog puppies their heads and chests only just begin to get bigger and wider once they turn 1 year of age!


Thank you again for such a wonderful dog. We seriously don't know what we'd do without him. So healthy and just wants to snuggle all the time. He's right at 60lbs but such a bundle of joy! Thought we'd share a few pictures of his first birthday and a few since! If you all have Instagram you can follow him at @humphreythebulldog

April:"We thought we'd share some pictures of Humphrey! He has brought so much joy to our lives. We're recently engaged and are already planning for him to be in the wedding! He was such a ham this Christmas! He didn't mind dressing up at all. He's slowed down and seems to be steady at 53 lbs. We are so thankful for him!"



                                                                     At 7 months

"Thought we'd send some updated pics!

He has been the best dog we could ask for. Vet says he's the healthiest and most well mannered bulldog she's ever seen. Only chews on toys and loves to snuggle! We are so thankful he is a part of our family!
Thanks so much


April and Dwight from NC


Smokey (now Humphrey) at 5 months

                 At 3 months


                            At 3 months


At 9 months

                    At 3 months



I                                   At 7 months


At 1,5 years

At 3 months

Dante traveled all the way to Georgia to be with his new mom Michelle who loves him very much

                                   At 7 months


At 1,5 years


                           At 5 months

At 2 months

  Artemis & Jagger

From their new Mom and Dad:

"Hope all is well. The boys are doing great, getting big. They love having each other to play with and cuddle with. We love them very much and they give lots of love right back.
They are beautiful boys!
Take care."
Amy and Keith


At 8 months


The boys have gotten so big! They are such good boys, we love them so very much!
They both weigh between 65-70lbs, very good health. Both are very much mama's boys😉
Take care


At 2 years



     At 1,5 years

                                  At 7 months

    At 7 months

At 3 months


Hard to believe she is only 3 months old in those pictures. With her being simply too adorable and delicious we decided to keep her. Cheyenne has the look I absolutely love in a Bulldog. Looking forward for her to keep maturing and flourishing into an adult and to get a few litters out of her in the future.

                                         2014 Puppies


Christmas 2015

This gorgeous little heartbreaker  lives now in Arlington, Va


From his new Mom:

"Thought Winston and I would spread a little holiday cheer!!! We are all decorated for Christmas and Winston loves it! Here he is patiently waiting for gifts :) He has been such a joy in my life."


now Griffin

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