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Scam Alert
Internet Scam Artists are out there in full force and in order to protect yourself from falling victims to those criminals you have to know how they like to operate. Please click on the following article.

Click on "Puppy Scam Alert"

Something else I have to mention that wasn't brought up in the article. Please don't be fooled by thinking you are dealing with the actual owner of the puppy when requesting a picture of the puppy with your name and date on it before sending out any money!!! What those scam artists will simply do is contact the actual owner of the puppy and pretend they want to purchase the puppy in order to get some pictures with the date and your name on it!! It happened to me several times until I finally realized for what reason I was contacted. Those people are usually out of state but pretend to be wanting to drive over here in order to pick up the puppy in person and would like to make a deposit to hold the puppy, but do need some proof first. I will still send pictures in case I am actually dealing with a potential Buyer, but I will make sure those Criminals won't be able to use those pictures to send to some unsuspecting victims. So if any of you scam artists should read this before contacting me, don't waste my precious time you won't have any luck.

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