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July 20th, 2025
All puppies out of Ariel have been sold.

Please go to our
Puppies at their new homes page to see some fun pics and videos.

2024 Litter

Our smart, beautiful and very charming girl Ariel had 9 puppies born on April 22nd. We have 8 girls and 1 boy. We have 3 blue merle girls, 3 red merle girls, 2 tri colored girls that look almost identical and 1 blue merle boy. Ariel actually doesn't shed much in the summer which is an added bonus.
Both parents are DNA cleared for any inherited diseases.
Each puppy will go home with a vaccination record, transition food, leash and collar, puppy training book, some toys, a baby blanket with mom's and sibling's scent on it, a folder with a one year health guarantee and application for registration with the Australian Stock Dog Registry. As well as a stylish tote with turtle motive for the new dog mama.


Puppy Kit.jpg
Turtle bag.jpg
Good Dog Badge.png
Stop Puppy Mills.jpg


Blue merle with 2 blue eyes

Sweet Skylar loves to explore and have a good time. Not the least bit shy and will be one of those Aussies who will love all people and animals. She'll be easy to train and make a great family dog. Skylar has a soft coat like her mom.


Skylar at 10 weeks

Da Vinci

Blue Merle Boy
2 blue eyes

At close to 3 weeks of age and able to walk and see it took him only 1 day to figure out where in the nursery to head to go potty.

At 4 weeks

On hold for Amanda from Chesterfield, Va



Color: Black tri with one blue eye

Precious girl with such a sweet and loving personality. Would have loved to keep her if we didn't already have a bunch of dogs. Will make a great addition to any family. Not shy in any way and loves to explore and learn new things.
Nice big white collar reaching down the back of her neck. Cute freckles all over her nose like her sister Sophie.



Abigail at 9 weeks 14 .JPG
Abigail at 9 weeks 15 .JPG
Abigail at 9 weeks 9 .JPG
Abigail at 6 weeks 2.JPG

At 7 weeks

Sweet Abigail at 4 weeks

July 6th, 20234
Skylar's sister who looks almost identical the moment she meets her
new family.

Suki with new family.jpg
Skylar at 11 weeks 3.JPG
Sadie at 4 weeks 5.JPG
Chloe at 8 weeks 3.JPG
Abigail at 9 weeks 19 .JPG

Sold Puppies

Sophie at 11 weeks.JPG



Very pretty, sweet and smart girl with the cutest freckles around her nose. Loves to go for walks and get lots of attention.

Sophie at 11 weeks 17.JPG
Luna at 9 weeks 9.JPG

Click here
for some videos and pictures of puppies at their new homes. We will add more over time. 

Da Vinci at 4 weeks 5.JPG
Da Vinci at 4 weeks 3.JPG
Da Vinci at 4 weeks.JPG


Color: Red Merle

2 beautiful bright blue eyes
Such a beautiful and calm girl in the more rarer red merle color and markings that loves
to be carried around.

On Hold for Bryce from Blacksburg, Va


Lexi at 6 weeks 10 .JPG
Lexi at 5 weeks 19.JPG


Color: Black Tri

2 bright blue eyes

Courageous and outgoing little girl with lots of charm. Tan eyebrows and hind legs.
Cutest freckles all over her nose.

At 9 weeks of age

Lexi at 4 weeks 2.JPG

Sweet Lexi at 4 weeks

Luna at 9 weeks 10_edited.jpg
Luna at 9 weeks.JPG
Luna at 9 weeks 8_edited.jpg
Luna at 9 weeks 13_edited.jpg

Sweet Sophie at 5 to 7 weeks of age

Sophie at 5 weeks 22_edited.jpg
Sophie at 4 weeks 6.JPG


Color: Blue Merle

2 beautiful bright blue eyes
Very affectionate, she won't leave my side when I take her for walks out in the field.
Suki had her first health check and immunizations on June 7th and got a clean bill of health.

On hold for Ariel and family from Cortlandt Manor, New York


Sadie at 8 weeks 12.JPG
Sadie at 8 weeks 15.JPG
Sadie at 8 weeks 10.JPG

          July 6th, 2024
Suki meeting ther new family

Suki is such a playful little girl and will make a great addition to any family.
Watch Video


Color: Blue Merle

2 beautiful blue eyes

On hold for Marina from Staten Island, NY

At 4 weeks

Ariel's 2024 litter 73.jpg

At 8 weeks


Color: Red Merle

2 bright blue eyes
Another absolutely beautiful girl in the more rarer red merle color and markings.

On hold for Andrew and his family in Vienna, Va


Cheyenne at 5 weeks.JPG
Cheyenne at 5 weeks 11.JPG

At 4 weeks




Color: Red Merle

2 bright blue eyes

On hold for Christy and family from Catawba, Va

At 3,5 weeks


Patches at 4 weeks 9.JPG
Patches at 4 weeks.JPG

One of our blue merle puppies from last year out of the same dam.
Our blue eyed cuties from from this year will be the center of attention as well.

Dante with new owners.jpg
Dante with new owners.jpg
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