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Our Studs
We have some amazing and unique studs here at
Miniature Angels Farm

Mr Paxton
Fully pedigreed
Sable Sallander with blue eyes
huge big round head and exotic color

Mr Binx
Fully pedigreed
Blue eyes
Carries the wooly gene.
July 2023
Mr Binx is retired. We kept several girls out of him


Paxton 2.jpeg
Mr Binx X-Mas 2 21.jpeg

All white and blue eyed

Romeo is something special. He is a wooly or fuzzy Holland Lop also known as American Fuzzy Lop.

So what is a fuzzy Holland Lop?
So, by crossing two Holland Lops that carry the wool gene, about 1/4 of the babies will be something called a "fuzzy Holland" which is essentially a Holland Lop with wool. The wooly Holland Lops were later made into a breed of their own, called the "Americann Fuzzy Lop". The American Fuzzy Lop is a wool breed and will have wool similar to the Angora breeds although the wool will be shorter than that of a commercial Angora.
Romeo's sire (Mr Binx) and dam (Bella) carry the wooly gene and with that pairing 1/4 of each litter will have a longer coat. Our girl Bella happens to be the only girl that will produce fuzzy Lop babies. Have a look at the result. Doesn't he look dreamy? Currently we only sell about 3 to 5 fuzzy Lops per year. If interested in one of those babies please send us a text and we will put you on our waiting list. 

Romeo 2.jpg
Romeo 3.jpg

  The Girls


Bella's babies 2 Feb 21.jpg



Scarlet at 1 year.jpg
Scarlet at 1 year 3.jpg
Scarlet at 1 year 2.jpg
Scarlet's babies 3 Feb 21.jpg


Precious at 6 weeks 2.jpg
Precious at 6 weeks.jpg
Precious at 6 weeks 3.jpg



Angel at 6 months 2.jpeg
Angel at 6 months 3.jpeg

    At 6 weeks

Angel at 6 weeks.jpeg

At 9 months

Camilla at 9 months.jpeg

     At 7 weeks

Scarlet's babies April 21 14.jpeg


Stella's baby 4 21.jpeg


Abigail at 6 weeks.jpg
Abigail at 6 weeks 4.jpg
Abigail at 6 weeks 2.jpg
Abigail at 6 weeks 3.jpg


Freya at 5 months 3.jpg
Freya at 5 months 2.jpg
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