Mr Paxton
Fully pedigreed
Sable Sallander with blue eyes
huge big round head and exotic color

Mr Binx
Fully pedigreed
Blue eyes
Carries the wooly gene

Mr Binx X-Mas 2 21.jpeg
Paxton 2.jpeg

Our Studs
We have some amazing and unique studs here at
Miniature Angels Farm

All white and blue eyed

Romeo is something special. He is a wooly or fuzzy Holland Lop also known as American Fuzzy Lop.

So what is a fuzzy Holland Lop?
So, by crossing two Holland Lops that carry the wool gene, about 1/4 of the babies will be something called a "fuzzy Holland" which is essentially a Holland Lop with wool. The wooly Holland Lops were later made into a breed of their own, called the "Americann Fuzzy Lop". The American Fuzzy Lop is a wool breed and will have wool similar to the Angora breeds although the wool will be shorter than that of a commercial Angora.
Romeo's sire (Mr Binx) and dam (Bella) carry the wooly gene and with that pairing 1/4 of each litter will have a longer coat. Our girl Bella happens to be the only girl that will produce fuzzy Lop babies. Have a look at the result. Doesn't he look dreamy? Currently we only sell about 3 to 5 fuzzy Lops per year. If interested in one of those babies please send us a text and we will put you on our waiting list. 

Romeo 2.jpg
Romeo 3.jpg

  The Girls


Bella's babies 2 Feb 21.jpg



Scarlet at 1 year.jpg
Scarlet at 1 year 3.jpg
Scarlet at 1 year 2.jpg
Scarlet's babies 3 Feb 21.jpg


Precious at 6 weeks 2.jpg
Precious at 6 weeks.jpg
Precious at 6 weeks 3.jpg



Angel at 6 months 2.jpeg
Angel at 6 months 3.jpeg

    At 6 weeks

Angel at 6 weeks.jpeg

At 9 months

Camilla at 9 months.jpeg

     At 7 weeks

Scarlet's babies April 21 14.jpeg


Stella's baby 4 21.jpeg


Abigail at 6 weeks.jpg
Abigail at 6 weeks 4.jpg
Abigail at 6 weeks 2.jpg
Abigail at 6 weeks 3.jpg


Freya at 5 months 3.jpg
Freya at 5 months 2.jpg

Loving, loyal, healthy and intelligent family dogs

& silky soft, colorful Holland Lop Rabbits

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clipart paws.jpg
clipart paws.jpg
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Bedford, Virginia