The easiest way to get in touch with us is via text, our phone number is (540) 204-5800. We will then send you more pictures of the babies that are available, when we expect another litter and will let you know when they are ready to leave for their new homes.
Please mention your name and preferred gender so that we can place you on our waiting list.
Once you have decided which baby you would like for us to reserve we ask you for a $40 deposit, which is non refundable unless the bunny gets sick, injured or passes away while in our care.
You can place the deposit either through
Paypal or Venmo.
Each bunny is for sale for $80 to $100
except for the blue eyed babies and the ones with a more rare color and markings, they are $120 to $150.
The remaining balance of $40 to $80 can be paid upon pick up of your reserved baby (cash only).

We pick up and cuddle with each baby everyday in order for them to get used to it. Young rabbits are not like puppies, if not handled alot the first two months of their lives there is a good chance you will have an adult rabbit that will do it's best to get away from and be afraid of you. One of the many reasons you don't want to buy a bunny from a pet store where you know nothing about where it comes from and there will be no assistance whenever you need some in the future. Also large rabbit breeders or farmers that raise them in their backyard will not always make sure that your bunny has been handled enough before going to it's new home.
Always a good idea to ask for that.
All our bunnies are kept indoors.


Text us for more info at (540) 204-5800.

Please click on below link

Caring for your new bunny

to see what we are feeding our bunnies and some advice for you for when you take your new bunny home with you.

Please note that if the bunny is for a child we would love for it to be at least 6 years of age since the baby bunnies are pretty fragile with having small bones and can be hurt easily.. which would make them afraid of humans for the rest of their lives.
We do get alot of requests from parents in that regards but they don't make very good toys for toddlers,
thank you.

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Update November 25th, 2022
We do have a bunch of babies for sale 
out of our girls Bella, Freya and Abigail.
Ready for pick up right before Christmas.
Boys #1 and #3 are old enough for pick up this month.

Please send us a text (540) 204-5800)  


Bella's Litter

Boy #1

Blue eyed with some unique markings
and very fluffy coat.


Bella's Sept. '22 babies 4.jpg
Bella's Sept. '22 babies 5.jpg
Bella's Sept. '22 babies 10.jpg

During our cuddle sessions our baby bunnies love to be wrapped up in those super soft baby blankets that are 3 feet long and two and a half feet wide.
If interested we will provide you with one for $10 and when you pick up your new family addition it'll be wrapped up in this new baby blanket
Click here
for more info in regards to caring for your bunny


Boy #2
Creme Color
Another sweetheart that will sit still on your lap for a good cuddle session.

On Hold for Lori


Bella's Sept. '22 babies 13.jpg

Boy #3

Blue eyed dreamy looking boy with
a very fluffy coat.
Color: Broken Grey
Will sit still on your lap.



Bella's Sept. '22 babies 14.jpg
Bella's November 22 babies 2.jpg

Freya's Litter
Sire: Paxton

November 5th, 2022
Color: Black Otter
Gender of all babies to be determined soon

Ears will come down on all babies


Freya's Nov. 22 babies 10.jpg
Freya's Nov. 22 babies 8.jpg

Color: White


Freya's Nov. 22 babies 16.jpg
Freya's Nov. 22 babies 17.jpg

Color:Creme with white markings
On hold for Sherry

Freya's Nov. 22 babies 11.jpg
Freya's Nov. 22 babies 13.jpg
Freya's Nov. 22 babies 14.jpg

Color: Dark Cream with some grey markings


Freya's Nov. 22 babies 3.jpg

Color: Black Tortoise Shell

Freya's Nov. 22 babies 20.jpg

We are located off of Route 24 (Stewartsville Road) about 15 minutes east of Vinton and about 1,5 hours south of Charlottesville.
About 40 minutes west of Lynchburg.

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Below are some of the baby bunnies we
have sold in the past.

Daisy's May '22 babies 21.jpg
Lexi's April 22 babies 19 .jpg
Daisy's May '22 babies 65.jpg
Lexi's Jan. babies.PNG
Bella's baby 15 Oct. 21.jpg
Stella and babies 2021.jpg
Camilla's first babies 40.jpg
Bella's babies Feb 21.jpg
Stella's baby 4 21.jpeg
Bella's May 21 babies 7.jpeg
Bella's May 21 babies 4.jpeg
Bella's baby Daisy.jpeg
Scarlet's babies 3 Feb 21.jpg
Bella's Feb. '22 babies.jpg
Scarlet's babies Jan. 21 9.jpeg
Camilla's first babies 4.jpg
Camilla's first babies 17.jpg
Bella's babies 4 Feb 21.jpg
Lexi's November 21 babies.jpg
Daisy's August 22 babies 39.jpg
Lexi's April 22 babies 9 .jpg
Scarlet's babies 3 April 21.jpg

Loving, loyal, healthy and intelligent family dogs

& silky soft, colorful Holland Lop Rabbits

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Bedford, Virginia