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Below you will find pictures and testimonials that were sent to us from their new moms and dads...enjoy

Travis: "He loves me so much...He can be in a dead sleep when I come home from work, and Ella can whisper "who's that? Is daddy home?" and he will jump up and go nuts! He goes straight to the front door and sits and waits for me to come in and he just attacks me when I come in lol. He gets so excited. I love that stinkin knucklehad."

"Thought we'd send some updated pics!

He has been the best dog we could ask for. Vet says he's the healthiest and most well mannered bulldog she's ever seen. Only chews on toys and loves to snuggle! We are so thankful he is a part of our family!
Thanks so much


April and Dwight from NC


Smokey (now Humphrey) at 5 months

Dante and Ed 2 2018.jpeg

The boys have gotten so big! They are such good boys, we love them so very much!
They both weigh between 65-70lbs, very good health. Both are very much mama's boys😉
Take care

At 2 years


Boni: "He is such a love!!! Protects me without being aggressive. He positions himself between me and who he doens't trust. Letting me know. I love this guy unconditionally!!!!"

Amos at 4 years

Amos at 4 years.jpeg


From his new Mom:

"Thought Winston and I would spread a little holiday cheer!!! We are all decorated for Christmas and Winston loves it! Here he is patiently waiting for gifts :) He has been such a joy in my life."

At 2 years

"Just sending some updated photos of Lou for you. He graduates from his second obedience class today! In January he's starting Intermediate Obedience, and in late spring he'll take the canine good citizen test and then, we hope, he'll start training to be a therapy dog. 


He is an absolute joy. He has tons of personality, he loves long walks, and he makes friends everywhere he goes.


We adore him!"

​​"Lou loves car rides as the photo clearly shows :)"

          At 10 months

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