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Aussiedoodle Puppies that we sold in 2023.

Please stop by below page called
Puppies at their new homes
for some cute videos and pictures.

 A deposit of $400 will hold your puppy which is non refundable, unless the puppy would get sick or die while in our care.
The remaining balance can either be paid upon pick up or you can pay the remaining balance via credit or debit card before pick up.
Puppies are raised inside the house until they are about 7 or 8 weeks old and if still at our house by that time they will move to our beautiful puppy barn with playground in order to have more space to run around and play with their siblings. 

We can also deliver your new puppy within Virginia for a very reasonable fee, approx. $150 to northern Virginia or Richmond, plus surrounding states for around $300. May be able to do other states as well, would have to discuss that.

By clicking on the Deposit buttons under each puppy's last picture you can submit a $400 deposit which will hold the puppy until pick up. You can either pay cash at pick up or pay the remaining balance via credit or debit card.

Please send us a message through the contact form at the bottom of this page before making any deposits.

Do Aussiedoodles shed a lot?
Aussiedoodles are typically very low-shedding dogs who greatly benefit from the Poodle in their genetic makeup. They often come with a single coat, or with a low-shedding undercoat that sheds considerably less than those of the Australian Shepherd parent.

What is Hybrid Vigor in a dog (like in an Aussiedoodle)?
Hybrid Vigor is synonymous with heterosis and with crossbred vigour. It is the extent to which the average performance of first cross (F1) like an Aussiedoodle, for a specified trait is superior to the average performance of their parental strains/breeds for that same trait (Nicholas 2010)

Ariel's Litter

Our blue eyed, smart girl had 8 puppies born on February 24th. She is a smaller sized standard Aussie weighing around 45lbs. Cleared on everything through parentage in regards to genetic health testing.
She is the full sister to our girl Amara.


Update June 5th, 2023
We have no more puppies for sale. Please get back in touch with us by the end of this year if you are interested in a puppy early of 2024.

Meet Princess
Tri colored sweet cuddle bug with a white tip on her tail (which I find soo adorable), white stockings, socks and a white chest. Princess will be low to non shedding like her siblings.

Sold to Faye and her family in Massachusetts



Puppy Kit.jpg

These are some of the things you will get to take home with your new puppy. This puppy kit includes a baby blanket with mamas and siblings scent on it, 2 toys, a leash and collar, a cute heart bandana, a folder with one year health guarantee and health record, a bag with transition pellets, and a very cute good sized and washable bag with a turtle motive to use for grocery shopping or take to the lake or beach. Not shown in the picture but we will also include a puppy training book from the American Kennel Club.

Turtle bag.jpg
Good Dog Badge.png
Princess at 7 weeks 20.JPG
Princess at 7 weeks 9.JPG
Princess at 7 weeks 22.JPG

Meet Chloe
Our blue merle phantom tri colored girl

Sold to Crystie and family
in Tallahassee, Florida


At 8 weeks


Princess at 7 weeks 12.JPG
Chloe at 7 weeks 7.JPG
Chloe at 7 weeks 13.JPG

Meet Abigail
Blue merle girl with some brown markings plus two blue eyes.

Sold to Lisa and family from Amherst, Va

At 8 weeks


Chloe at 3 weeks.jpeg
Chloe at 3 weeks 2.jpeg

At 3 weeks

Abigail at 8 weeks 6.JPG
Abigail at 8 weeks 3.JPG

  At 3 weeks

Meet Marlow
We will be making a trip east this weekend  (June 4th) towards Virginia Beach from Moneta, Va. Also middle of this month we will be making another trip towards Lancaster, Pennsylvania and south towards Columbus South Carolina. Let us know if you are living along the way and we will drop off your new bundle of joy free of charge.
Marlow has the kindest, loving eyes and is such a sweet angel boy with quite the personality. Hard not to fall in love with this lil fella who has lots of love to give. He is a very smart boy, is easy to train and will make the perfect family pet. He has a very soft coat. Our smallest puppy out of 2 litters. Should mature to around 40lbs.

Reserved for Kay in Kings George, Va

Meet Sadie
Our only chocoloate merle tri colored girl out of 2 litters with lots of white markings. About one third of her tail is dipped in white as well. Plus she has blue eyes.

March 20th, 2023
Sold to Alan K. from North Carolina


Below picture shows Sadie at her new home a few days after she got picked up. This is what her new owners had to say about her: "Lolly is getting settled into her new home. She loves her bed and toys, and she’s sleeping well at night. She’s also doing very well with house breaking. She almost always does her business outside now. She’s a very good, loving, and playful puppy.!


Sadie at 7 weeks 5.JPG
Sadie at her new home.jpg
Marlow at 3 months 21.jpg

Meet Bitsie
Sweet calm girl with jet black shiny coat, white chest and short muzzle plus white toes. Great temperament and conformation plus she will be low to non shedding like her siblings.

Bitsie went home with Kelsey and her family on April 30th. 

At 8 weeks


Sadie at 7 weeks 4.JPG
Bitsie at 8 weeks 11.JPG




















At 4 weeks

Bitsie at 8 weeks 18.JPG
Bitsie at 4 weeks 10.jpg
Bitsie at 4 weeks 9.jpg

Meet Dante
Another really gorgeous blue merle tri colored boy with blue eyes. This boy is going to be the center of attention wherever you will take him.

Sold to Allison and family in North Carolina

at 7 weeks of age


Bitsie at 4 weeks 13.jpg

At 3 weeks of age

Dante at 7 weeks 4.JPG
Dante at 7 weeks 17.JPG
Dante at 7 weeks 21.JPG
Me and Dante 3 March '23.jpg

Meet Suki
Such a beautiful tri color girl with lots of white and tan eye brows. Just love it when they have a white tip on their tail, soo adorable. Cute lil black dot above her nose.

Suki has one blue and one brown eye.

Sold to Dave and his family in Ludlow, Massachusetts

At 8 weeks

Suki at 8 weeks 20.JPG

Amara's Litter
Our beautiful stocky, blue merle girl had 5 precious babies that were born on March 1st.
3 merle and two black and white, tri colored babies. Like her sister Ariel she is cleared through parentage for any genetic disease. 

Suki at 8 weeks 22.JPG

At 5 weeks

Suki at 8 weeks 8.JPG
Amara and Puppies 2023.jpeg

Meet Cheyenne
Blue merle colored girl.

Really cool, flashy markings with white chest and adorable face, doesn't get any prettier than her. If it was up to sweet Cheyenne she would love to be carried around in a purse all day and get smooches all day, think that would be a dream come true for her, lol. But I think she would also settle for being a couch cuddle buddy.

Sold to Katie and family in Briston, Va


Baloo at 8 weeks 11.JPG
Baloo at 8  weeks 10.JPG
Cheyenne at 6 weeks 15.JPG


This boy holds a special place in my heart. He is going to make a great family pet who has a lot of love to give. Very sweet, calm and smart plus great conformation and wavy shiny coat. Also has some white marking on his chest. Great opportunity to get a great pet at a very reasonable price.

Baloo went home with Richard and his family in Buchanan, Va


Baloo at 7 weeks 2.JPG
Baloo at 11 weeks.jpg

Meet Marley
Tri colored really cute, chubby and round compact boy with a cute short muzzle.

Sold to Emily Walters and family in South Carolina


Below pictures shows him patiently waiting for his new forever family.


At 7 weeks of age
As you can probably tell by the picture Marley felt pretty comfortable at his first vet visit :)


Cheyenne at 6 weeks 11.JPG
Marley at 8 weeks 2.JPG
Marley at 9 weeks 2.jpeg


We will be making a trip east this weekend  (June 4th) towards Virginia Beach from Moneta, Va. Also middle of this month we will be making another trip towards Lancaster, Pennsylvania and south towards Columbus South Carolina. Let us know if you are living along the way and we will drop off your new bundle of joy free of charge.

Sweet beautiful girl with the cutest white socks, lots of white on her chest and neck plus white tip on her tail (which is soo adorable) Quiet and calm as well. She is getting prettier with each passing week. She's gonna have such a beautiful wavy/curly coat with a cute short muzzle. Will be low to non shedding.



Marley at 8 weeks 7.JPG
Buffy at 10 weeks .JPG

Meet Milo
Another gorgeous, very calm angel boy in blue merle with tan markings and one very blue eye. Love his big round head, among many other things which reminds me of a St. Bernards.

Sold to Sonya and family in North Carolina


Milo at 5 weeks.jpeg
Oscar at 5 weeks 2.jpeg

At 4 weeks


Oscar at 4 weeks 8.jpg
Buffy at 4 weeks 24.jpg




















Before making a deposit please

send us a message and tell us a little about

how the puppy would live and to help you find the right match.

  • Do you have any other pets or small children?

  • Would the puppy be alone for a certain amount of time during the day?

  • Have you ever owned a dog before or raised a puppy?

  • Who will be the main caretaker of the puppy?

  • Do you own a home with some land or rent an apartment?

  Thanks for your time and have a great day.

All puppies have regular cuddle sessions

Cuddle Session 2.jpg
Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

Our farm is conveniently located between Lynchburg to the east (ca. 40 minutes) and Roanoke to the west (ca. 25 minutes) off of route 24 (Stewartsville Road) just 1,5 miles from Staunton River High School and Veterinary Clinic, about 1,5 hours south of Charlottesville and 1,5 hours north of Danville.

Just email, text or call us for any kind of questions you may have, we usually answer within a day or two.

We are looking forward to hearing from you

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