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Who can resist that face?! Another beautiful, very friendly and smart girl that has some awesome markings. We imported her along with her sister Ariel from a breeder in Georgia. Both their parents have been genetically health tested and are clear on everything.

Amara at 9 months of age
She's such a beautiful dog and built very stocky. She's wearing a training halter called "The Gentle Leader" which I can only recommend to anyone who has a young dog or even older dog who likes to pull you around when going for a walk, constantly jumps on people etc..  
           It will also make it easier to trim your dog's nails once you had some training sessions with this halter. Not all dogs will sit still having their nails done. Just take your dog for a walk for like half an hour with this halter and after that trim your dog's nails.
Only around $13 and I would gladly pay $100 for it.
Wish I would've found out about it many years sooner :)

Amara at 9 months.jpg
Troy and Amara.jpg
Troy and Amara 2.jpg

Amara and Ariel

Amara at 2 months 6.jpg
Amara and Ariel.jpg
Ariel and and Amara.jpg
Amara at 4 months.jpg
Amara at 2 months 2.jpg
Amara at 3 months.jpg

Amara's Sire
Frankie Mc Carty
Double registered with the
AKC and American Stock Dog registry.

Amara's and Ariel's Dad.jpeg
Pedigree Am. and Ariel's Sire.jpg
Pedigree Am. and Ariel's Sire 2.jpg

Amara's Dam
Southern Valley's Birdie Mae
Registered with the American Stock Dog Registry

Amara's and Ariel's mom.jpeg
Pedigree Am. and Ariel's Dam 2.jpg
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