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  Can't say enough good things about this girl, she is just precious. A beautiful and smart merle marked girl with two blue eyes and great personality. We imported her and her sister from a breeder in Georgia. Both their parents have been genetically health tested and are clear on everything.

Ariel at 10 months 4.jpg
Ariel at 10 months 5.jpeg

Ariel with our handsome stud Milo

Amara and Ariel.jpg
Ariel and and Amara.jpg
Ariel at 4 months 2.jpg
Ariel at 4 months.jpg


Ariel's Sire
Frankie Mc Carty
Double registered with the AKC and American Stock Dog Registry

Amara's and Ariel's Dad.jpeg
Pedigree Am. and Ariel's Sire.jpg
Pedigree Am. and Ariel's Sire 2.jpg

    Ariel's Dam
Southern Valley's Birdie Mae
Registered with the American Stock Dog Registry

Amara's and Ariel's mom.jpeg
Pedigree Am. and Ariel's Dam 2.jpg
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