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 Gold with black mask, some black on the tip of her tail and a little bit of white  on her chest
 born 06/12/2013
    est. weight at maturity approx.
 5 to 6 pounds

At 10 months

Gave her a little haircut around the head (not my best work :) she has a thick luxurious coat and big button eyes. She she is such a beautiful and smart little girl. Couldn't have asked for a better dog.

                              At 1 month

      At 2 weeks


             Pictures courtesy of Breeder Dianne's Little Paws


Lexi at 1 month of age

This is "Sugar Plum Lily", her dam, she weighs 8 pounds, owned by Dianne's Little paws
This is her sire "RedMan", he weighs 6 pounds, owned by Dianne's Llittle Paws
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