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Moyen Poodle (appr. 25 lbs as adult)

Moyen poodles are a medium-sized variety recognized in Europe but relatively new to the US canine scene. Their sizes range between
15″ – 20″, weighing between 15-35lbs – an ideal size for those seeking something bigger than miniatures yet smaller than standards.
Moyen is french for "medium".

Our Koda is a very loving and
smart cuddle bug.
We got him from a breeder in PA and happy to announce that Koda is DNA cleared on everything. We will also offer stud service starting in spring of 2024.
Please get in touch for more info
at (540) 204-5800.

Koda and Milo (Aussie stud) have been growing up together.

Milo and Koda watching hubby and the goat practicing their Kung Fu moves :)

Milo and Koda at 2 and 3 months.jpeg
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