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About MHR's Morning Glory (aka Lily)

April 2011 - Upon arrival with her new owner

"My vet was out today and said she is absolutely amazing. She said she is a beautiful girl and was she ever prancing around! She couldn't say enough nice things about her. She is doing great now. Her and Misty (my shire mare) both graze together, and when my vet was giving shots to Misty and checking her out, Lily was right next to her sniffing her and Misty did not even react. She is a love bug, has wonderful manners, and is so sweet."

Helene G., Maryland

"Hi There,

Just writing to say well done on an excellent site, very informative and entertaining. As one who also loves the gypsy cob it's great to learn of people who are like-minded. I am fortunate enough to live here in Ireland and to that end, able to see a range of cobs here there and yonder throughout the countryside. I recently travelled to County Louth in the Republic of Ireland as I had heard of an old man who apparently owned 25 cobs of all shapes and sizes. When I eventually tracked him down he took me to a field along a disused railway track and there I saw some wonderful stock. Before I left I had purchased a lovely colt foal; black and white and great bone. Standing in the corner of the field I saw another little black colt foal with a white face and 4 white socks just begging to come home with me. Two days later I phoned the old man and as a result I brought both home with me! They are now at home in warm comfortable stables and enjoying the rolling County Down Hills and eating fine organic fodder. As it is deepest winter here in Ireland they will remain in until Spring when they will be turned out into fresh spring grass to develop and only time will tell how they turn out.

But again I say well done on your efforts to promote the Irish Cob in the USA and further afield."


Colin M Hayes


I have just found your web site and am glad that you have found our horse. I am a romany gypsy living in the UK and have cobs myself - wouldn't be a gypsy if I didn't! I am glad the world has discovered our wonderful breed of horse which has taken us 100s of years to produce. They are a horse in their own right. Kind, gentle and part of the family."



My name is felicity and I am from England. I was looking on your website and I have a horse on loan that is a 15'2, pibald, mare. I do agree that they have lovely temperament and they are very laid back, sometimes too laid back. I found your site very interesting and I have sent you a picture of her! Hope you will agree that she is beautiful!"

"We are extremely excited by the quality of horse we just purchased from Magic Horse Ranch. Richard and Doro are wonderful people and a joy to work with. They even took the extra time to make sure that our mare was safe and easy to handle before we brought her home to Wisconsin. We look forward to purchasing another filly from them in the very near future."

Derek and Denise Krause, Wisconsin

"...didn't get a chance to say this before, but I am so impressed with your farm. I had no idea that there were people out there who cared THAT much about the stock that they were importing and selling. I had one person (not going to name names) who tried to sell me a mare who was VERY under par. She was sickle hocked, over the knee, pigeon toed, and had horrible conformation. The seller, however, wanted an arm and a leg for her because she had rare coloration and the fact that she was a Gypsy. I love the things that you say about the breed itself on your website, and was impressed that you included the entire revised version of the GCDHA requirements as well. I actually helped to revise them... *smiles* So, I love seeing that people appreciate them! But, back to the original reason for this paragraph. You have beautiful stock, and I have so much respect for you and the horses you sell."

ValeriePeppers, Cosmopolitan Horse Farm

I must say the idea of importing a horse was very scary for me. I felt very comfortable working with Doro. I was impressed with her quick responses to my emails. I loved my stud colt I purchased from her. He was everything and more than I could ask for. He was lab tested to be homozygous for the tobiano gene before I got him, but to my surprise and delight turned out to be homozygous for the black gene as well when I had him tested after I purchased him. I was told he was going to be over 15 hands. He just turned two and he is over 15 hands, likely going to reach 15'3 hands. I felt like the horse Doro sold me was both wonderful and as advertised. He was a dream come true. Now we are looking for a filly, and of course I came to Doro to help us have another dream horse. Feel free to email me at for more info on our journey of the gypsy horses."

Angie Pinches, Whiskey River Ranch

About Camelot

Upon Camo's arrival at his new home

We've had him in the roundpen and his training there has been going exceptionally well! In another year i'll have him enrolled at West Michigan Equestrian where they'll start him slowly in dressage. They have a couple wonderful, big hearted trainers who have been really accomplished with draft breeds, so i'm looking forward to it, plus they're about a half-mile away from us, so it'll be easy to take him there and not have to leave him.

He did WONDERFULLY in the trailer, we unloaded him 5 times on the way home to stretch him and water him (he had hay the whole trip), and you would have thought he did it all the time. We were so impressed!

Doro, he has been such a little fart! He's doing really well, he and Rick are having a ball together and we're about a week away from making his pasture even bigger because he's discovered the joys of running full tilt! He looks beautiful, his feathering is really coming along, during one hard 2-day rain he and i played in the "pond" and we all laughed like mad...He loves water! Up until about 3 weeks ago, Dollar had been going in with him, or we'd switch him and Blue to put Camo and Dollar in the 6 acre pasture together. She's done a fine job of "teaching" him what's proper and not, and he really goes out of his way to please her. Once he started really sniffing and air-humping it was time to break them up though, so now he bonds with us even more.

"Hi Doro,

We just got back from the barn and Sam absolutely loves Abigail. She was so surprised and even cried. You would have thought Abigail has been at the barn her whole entire life, she was not hyper or antsy at all. Sam has a ball that they use with the children with autism and they played with that for a little bit. Abigail was not spooked at all and even kicked it a couple times. Since they braided her mane for the trip, Sam took it out and sprayed main detangler on it. She never budged. Her temperamant is just as you said. We can not thank you enough. I promise I will keep you updated on her progress and pictures.

I can not say thank you enough, I promise we will take good care of your baby."

Talk to you soon,

Dina Hieber, PA


I have to tell you everyone - and I mean everyone - who has seen Abigail has commented on how beautiful and wonderful she is. They can not believe what an exceptional horse she is. The one lady that was there today said she kept on looking at her trying to find a flaw and she couldn't. She said she had to be the most beautiful horse in PA. I thought you would like to hear that. Sam still can't believe that she is hers."

Dina Hieber, PA

Abby's first show: April 18, 2009"


Good Evening. I just wanted to write you a quick note. We brought Abby to her first show today. It was just a local fun show for kids and adults nothing fancy. But this put Abby thru all the tests. They had kids running, dogs barking, a lady constantly over a loud speaker and horses everywhere. This would be the first time she left the barn and in this type environment. And she did wonderful. Nothing seemed to faze her.

When we first brought her over to the outdoor arena she was a little nervous but there were horses alot older than her acting a little crazy. Once Sam walked her around she was great. Sam just walked and trotted her thru her class. Abby did not give her any problems at all. Then her last class she was starting to get dark and the turned on the out door arena lights but it did not seem to bother her.

I don't think there was a person who did not stop to look at her and say what a beautiful horse. They could not believe she was only two! Sam was very proud.


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