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   At 1 year


Dob July 4th, 2019

I believe we have found the perfect stud for our breeding program. He loves people and other dogs and loves giving High Fives.
Winston is very smart and very charming and becomes the center of attention wherever we go.  
He is a standard sized, AKC registered poodle and should mature to around 48lbs. I think he will be a perfect match to produce doodle puppies. His sire is merle colored and his dam is apricot. His pups should have a wide range of colors including merle, sable, apricot, cream and chocolate.

Winston at 1 year 5.jpeg
Winston at 1 year 8.jpeg
Winston at 1 year 4.jpeg
Winston at 1 year 3.jpeg
Winston at 1 year.jpeg
Winston at 7 months 3.jpeg
Winston at 2 months.jpeg

At 9 weeks

Winston at 2 months 2.jpeg

Winston's AKC Registration

Winston's Pedigree.jpg
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