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October 2016

From his new mom: "He's doing great! He weighed 35 pounds at the vet a week ago. He can lay down, sit and shake, and even though he's a hand full, he's an absolute joy to be around for both of us. He's made friends with all of the neighbors and their dogs he's so friendly. All the hard work you put into breeding your Bulldogs really shows, at least with him, he's been great since we brought him home and we've had little problems with training. Thanks again!!!"

At 5 months



At 3 months

At 6 months

 Anastasia & Angel (Layla's 2016 Girl)

At 8 weeks


(now Milly Mea)

At 4 months

At 6 weeks


   (Now Lou)

     At 10 months

"Lou loves car rides as the photo clearly shows :)"

"Just sending some updated photos of Lou for you. He graduates from his second obedience class today! In January he's starting Intermediate Obedience, and in late spring he'll take the canine good citizen test and then, we hope, he'll start training to be a therapy dog. 


He is an absolute joy. He has tons of personality, he loves long walks, and he makes friends everywhere he goes.


We adore him!"

At 7 months

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