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MHR's Ariel

born June 12, 2009; piebald; one blue eye

Ariel arrived around midnight on June 12, 2009. She is out of our good mare Mary and the show winning sire "Tawney Falls Rioghan" (see picture below). We are looking forward for this cutie to unfold into a wonderful broodmare and fantastic trail partner since she has most likely inherited her dam's talent of the Slow Gait; an additional gait that gives you the feeling of sitting in a massage chair when trotting, so no bouncing up and down there! All of her dam's babies have been on the taller side so far and we expect for Ariel to mature to at least 15hh. She is being trained to trailer, cross tie, stand still for the farrier and everything else she needs for a great start. Ariel has a perfect coformation, with straight legs, short back, stout built and good shoulder and neck. She also has one blue eye.

Ariel's beautiful sire "Rigohan"

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