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MHR's Balamory


We think that with Balamory we made another god decision to add her to our breeding stock. She is a very traditional looking mare with good bone, big apple butt, lots of feather and wonderful disposition. She is a great babysitter, looooves water and is our mare Mary's best friend.

Balamory's foals are traditional looking and are everything what we look for in this breed with nice necks, stout bodies and excellent amount of feather. Balamory was nominated in 2004 as premium foal with the European Colored Horse Assocation and her first foal "Madison" won 1st premium in the Netherlands.

She easily keeps all her weight on even with a foal afoot, has never been sick and is a joy to have around.

On May 24th, 2008 Balamory gave birth to a filly called "Madison".

News: On April 25th, 2010 Balamory gave birth to another filly that we named "Morning Glory" aka "Lily"

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