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At least 10% of our profits goes to our favorite charities and for the purchase of Bibles for overseas.

Merlin at 2 months.jpeg

Please check out below link for our available Holland Lop babies

Available Babies page



We live on a Minifarm in beautiful southwest Virginia and used to raise English Bulldogs but a few years ago we switched our breeding program to raising colorful and intelligent purebred Australian Shepherds (standard and miniature) Aussiedoodles as well as loving and colorful Holland Lop Rabbits. We only have two or three puppy litters per year and we strive to improve the health, temperament, conformation and beauty of all of our animals in order to be great family pets. All of our dogs come from genetically health tested parents. It's always a good idea to look for breeders who go the extra mile ensuring your puppy won't develop any inherited illnesses down the road by doing DNA testings. It can save you alot of heartache and money in the long run.

So what's new at Miniature Angels Farm in June and July of 2023?

We had two precious litters of Aussiedoodle puppies which have all been sold. If you are interested in an Aussiedoodle puppy beginning of 2024 please contact us. Their weights will range between 25lbs and 45lbs since we will be using the service of our junior red and white poodle stud "Koda" who will weigh around 25lbs as an adult. Which means about half of the puppies will have their mom's weight and the other their dad's weight.

If you click on our

page you will see lots of pictures and info about the puppies we had for sale beginning of this year.

Ariel with her 8 babies that were were born
on February 24th.

Amara's 5 babies were born on March 1st.

The Moms
Amara and Ariel
Very friendly sisters out of fully genetically health tested parents,
weighing around 45 lbs, are cleared on everything and registered with the
American Stock Dog Registry.

Ariel's Babies 2023.jpeg
Ariel's Babies 4 2023.jpeg
Amara and Puppies 2 2023.jpeg
Amara and Troy.webp

The Dad
Our Winston has never met a stranger, happy go lucky boy that is AKC registered and weighs approx. 48 lbs. His dad is a black merle gorgeous boy, his mom is creme colored.
Beautiful conformation and gait.

This has been our latest project. Still alot to work on at our farm including our house. But the accommodations for our animals always come first. This is our puppy nursery including fenced in playground which gives our puppies enough room to run
around and play.

This beautiful girl's name is Raven
One of our new additions in 2021

Click here to see our Dogs

Raven at 3 months.jpeg
Raven at 3 months 2.jpeg

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats love their new Amish style barn.

Puppy Barn.jpg
Ben and Jerry's home.jpg

Congratulations to April and Dwight in North Carolina to their wedding. Their cute Bully "Humphrey" is out of our 2015 litter and April says that Humphrey "is the light of our lives"

April and Humphrey 3.jpeg
April and Humphrey 4.jpeg
April and Humphrey 5.jpeg
April and Humphrey 6.jpeg

2017 puppy "Bailey" out of our girl Cheyenne

        Hazel at 8 weeks of age

This is Hazel, one of the puppies out of Layla that was born in 2016. It's a beautiful picture of her taken by her owners and I am publishing it to show you how Layla's pups look as adults and the kind of look we try to achieve with our dogs including a very sweet temperament and good health. 

We love our animals and you will too

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