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At least 10% of profits are donated to our favorite charities like
CBN (700 Club), International Fellowship of Christians and Jews,
Food for the Poor
and the purchase of bibles for overseas!

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    Please visit our Holand Lop nursery to see which babies are available this month.
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This beautiful girl's name is Raven
One of our new additions in 2021

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So what's new at Miniature Angels Farm?

We have had some change in plans and will be staying on our Mini Farm in Moneta (which still requires a good deal of fixing up) a while longer and be most likely heading to Florida in early spring of 2023.

In the future we plan to stay in Florida to use as our winter quarter every year and head back come spring time.

Our two new additions "Ben" and "Jerry" have arrived in July, they are two very small and most adorable, affectionate super sweet

Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

  I think they really love the new barn that we built for them.

This fall and winter time we are also looking forward to the arrival of some colorful Aussiedoodle puppies.

Please let us know if your are interested and would like to be placed on our waitinglist.








We hope you will enjoy visiting our website.

We are a small farm in the heart of beautiful southwest Virginia and have been raising Puppies and Holland Lops exclusively with the mindset of quality over quantity .

​We offer the sale of AKC registered, standard and smaller sized English Bulldogs, as well as Aussiedoodles and Australian Shepherds whose parents have had genetic health clearances.
Breeding quality takes time, we strive to breed healthy, intelligent family dogs with a great temperament. We spend a lot of money towards bettering the breed and don't hesitate to eliminate the ones that we think don't fit in our breeding program

 We always make sure that each new owner is absolutely happy with their new addition and make the transition from our home to yours as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a Bulldog puppy I would strongly advise you to read following article which could save you lots of heartache and potentially lots of money and even the life of your precious new family member.


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Choosing the right vet for your Bulldog puppy


Scam Alert


Internet Scam Artists are out there in full force and in order to protect yourself from falling victims to those criminals you have to know how they like to operate.


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Puppy Scam Alert

​​ About the English Bulldog
It's been a long, windy road and hard work. Anyone who knows a little about English Bulldogs knows also that unfortunately they have been mostly bred for looks and not health. Thankfully there are breeders out there who want to change that and make it their priority to breed healthier and therefore happier English Bulldogs that also don't require constant visits to the vet.
"The Bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten..."
Quote by Benjamin Franklin
  We love the looks of English Bulldogs but it's not necessary to go to extremes to achieve the desired typical Bulldog look at the expense of the dog's well being. Also, unlike the European Kennel Club the AKC doesn't push for health testings in order to have all Breeders produce healthier puppies and one can only hope this will change one day.
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Congratulations to April and Dwight in North Carolina to their wedding. Their cute Bully "Humphrey" is out of our 2015 litter and April says that Humphrey "is the light of our lives"

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2017 puppy "Bailey" out of our girl Cheyenne

This is Hazel, one of the puppies out of Layla that was born in 2016. It's a beautiful picture of her taken by her owners and I am publishing it to show you how Layla's pups look as adults and the kind of look we try to achieve with our dogs including a very sweet temperament and good health. 

        Hazel at 8 weeks of age

We love our animals and you will too

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Loving, loyal, healthy and intelligent family dogs

& silky soft, colorful Holland Lop Rabbits

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Bedford, Virginia